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How to improve User experience and increase sales of eCommerce stores using AI?

AI has changed the way eCommerce stores work and have made them even better by providing benefits that directly related to the customer experience and ensuring that they are able to make good sales in the long run. Here are the ways in which AI can help in improving user experience and boost sales on your eCommerce platform:

Gather the consumer data

If you understand your market and users well and start your marketing campaigns, you would see a sudden boost in the eCommerce sales. With this, you will also be able to understand the demands, preferences, and needs of your customers well and would be able to meet their expectations easily. Without having such information, you would never be able to provide offers to customers. One way to get this data is by tracking their online behaviour and making sure that they interact with your brand. Gathering information from the unstructured data has been one of the most difficult tasks until now. But with the AI tools coming into the picture, it would be easy to gather structured data and analyze the same for understanding the information at a deeper level. The insights thus gathered would help in anticipating the customer needs and help you improve the customer journey.

Provide personalized customer experiences

AI has helped the sellers to learn how technology can be used to extract the most useful information. In a research conducted by the Boston Consulting, it was found that the retailers who use personalization in their websites have been successful in increasing six to ten percent of sales in comparison to those who haven’t done the same.

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 Improved product searchability

Visual AI is used for image processing and extracting useful information from photos. This technology is fairly new as compared to the other technologies and has proven worthy to several well-known online brands such as Amazon and eBay, who have used it for providing convenience to their customers. You can apply the same in the store and make it easier for people to search the most relevant products. The users would be able to take the photo of the object in which they are interested instead of entering the keywords.

AI can be used to improve the text search and tag the product images automatically. Moreover, you will also be able to sell the products more efficiently over the online platforms.

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Spark instant customer engagement

Keeping the customers engaged can be quite a challenge to the brand, but once you realize how to go about it, it would become a smooth sail.  Once a customer makes a purchase, it is important to retain them and keep them engaged so that they prove to be valuable for your brand. With AI, you will enable customers to explore new pages on the website and provide them an offer based on their interests. Above all, you will be able to filter them based on the recommendations.

Chatbots for instant communication

Ensuring 24*7 assistance to the customers can sometimes prove to a be difficult task. But with chatbots, it is certainly possible as they make it easy to provide possible answers and solutions based on the queries. The more advanced chatbots help the customers make buying decisions and assist the customers via text or call.

AI is surely going to revolutionize the way eCommerce stores work and would help in improving customer experience based on historical learning and the online behaviour of the users. Eventually, the brands would be able to utilize the technology for ensuring a boost in sales and revenue over the course of time.

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