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How to start an eCommerce marketplace development from Scratch

When you create an eCommerce marketplace, it is essential to keep in mind the customers’ requirements, vendors’ and suppliers’ requirements. When you do online marketplace development from scratch, you must first select the right platform to build the marketplace. Choosing the right online platform for your marketplace is essential because the features on the platform will make your marketplace user-friendly for both the vendors and the customers.

Check the online platform’s software features and online tools before you select one and start building your online marketplace. The software tools should be simple and easy to use so that the vendors find the onboarding process simple. Similarly, it should have other features such as supporting multiple payment gateways, providing virtual assistants, and other similar features to make it easier for your customers to access, evaluate and purchase the products retailed by the vendors on your marketplace. Some of the points to consider while doing online marketplace development is as follows:

Selecting a business model

You will have to decide the type of products and services your online marketplace will provide to customers. No single business model concerning online marketplace development works for all kinds of business activities.  Hence, you will have to check the facilities provided by a particular online platform and evaluate if it suits your business organization. Research online about the available online platforms for building eCommerce marketplaces and select the one that meets your business requirements.

Identifying the features and integrations

Experts associated with marketplace development mention that you must check the features and integrations provided by the platform. For example, it should give the vendor analytics and third-party integrations, so that the vendors and suppliers can evaluate the sale of the products. The analytics can help them understand customer behaviour, which can help product placement and identify how various products should be marketed.

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Commission stream

When you evaluate the process of marketplace development, you will have to check, especially about how the commission will be earned. You can check if the platform supports taking a commission from suppliers and vendors or the buyers. The commission stream that the particular platform offers should help how you wish to earn the commission. The commission stream should be clear and transparent especially if you are planning to earn it from your suppliers and vendors.

Testing process offered

The online platform that you are using for the development of your eCommerce marketplace should allow the vendors to test product performance. Market testing is essential to understand which product will be successful when launched. Additionally, how a product should be started is also a part of the testing process.

Online market testing and competitive analysis can be helpful to vendors, and they can understand how their products will perform. The comprehensive analytical and testing methods offered by your eCommerce marketplace will help attract more vendors and suppliers.

Thus, your marketplace should be designed in such a manner that it proves to be beneficial to both customers and sellers. It should provide comprehensive support to both the buyer and the seller. The seller should find it easy to position his products, use the features offered by your marketplace, and run analytics.

Similarly, the buyer should be able to navigate the eCommerce marketplace with ease, identify the product he wishes to purchase, evaluate its features, and make payments with ease. Your marketplace should be designed comprehensively to make it attractive for all parties. Moreover, it should be helpful to both the buyer and the seller. If you can do so, your online marketplace will become a recognized brand.

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