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How Mobile App influence on Fast Moving Consumer Goods Market?

The usage of Mobile platform has changed the way people live their lives, especially, the way they do shopping their brands. This influence of mobile platform is clearly visible in Consumer Goods Market.

How Mobile App influence on Fast Moving Consumer Goods Market?

The smartphone is the shoppers’ constant companion – a recent survey indicated that 87% of respondents preferred their smartphone to be on their side and revealed that the mCommerce App enabled mobile devices enables FMCG market brands to engage with shoppers straight and establish a relationship. The value addition that the mobile app offers is one, where shoppers evince interest to go through the notifications and offers from FMCG online outlets. With more smartphones than people across the world today, mobile app is clearly the most convenient means for FMCG market to engage with their shoppers.

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Some of the research findings highlight the importance of the mobile app in the FMCG market:

  • According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, marketers see today’s consumers as web-savvy. Mobile-enabled data searchers who try to access whichever brand or store offers seems to be the best deal. The Mobile App Builder offers FMCG brands to create more shopper loyalty in the form of habitual purchasing.
  • One research report published by UK retail trade body IMRG and Capgemini (the m-Retail Sales Index) indicates that 52 percent of Web traffic to retail sites currently comes through smartphones and tablets. And more than a third (36 percent) of UK sales accomplished through online are now on smartphone or tablet device — a figure that works out to 40 percent for clothing and apparel sales.
  • Another research finding by Forrester shows that 56 percent of U.S. and European shoppers used the mobile app to search products at home, 38 percent used their mobile device to check inventory availability while heading towards a store and 34 percent used their mobile app to research products while in a shop.

For those who can remember the days prior to the onset of online shopping, it was a simple world having straightforward buyers, single channel campaigns and sale that is accomplished in a retail outlet or through a catalogue. But, now a buying journey typically involves multiple channels, each having its own role to play in converting the sale. We now have access to vast number of mobile app that suits to ensure FMCG online trading.

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How it helps financially?

The mobile app is easy to use and technically robust. And involves a much lower financial commitment, compared to a PC with fixed broadband. Moreover,it well to transient individuals and those with in-home mobility challenges. An ideal means to internet access for ‘digitally reluctant’ people to get access to a desktop or laptop device. But may be if willing to go online via the mobile platform which they already have.


As per a research, the number of smartphone users increases exponentially from 2011 when there were 21.6 million. Mobile users estimates 43.4 million in the year 2017. In fact, today more than half of UK adults make use of a smartphone/mobile gadget to access online. Because they consider that Mobile App is the key tool to address digital inclusion. With the internet transforming the mobile technology fast and accessible, mobile devices  enhances the volume of Consumer Goods Market. Through facilitating mobile app to do business process, the role of mobile app plays as bringing more people online.

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