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Easy Searching!! Quick Buying!! Sales Hitting!! Only with PrestaShop Flexi Product Search And Filter Module

No need to make your customer stuck up with your online store to search for their desired product!!!

Delight your customers now with PrestaShop Flexi Product Search And Filter Module.

PrestaShop Flexi – Product Search And Filter Module gives your on-line store advanced product searching and filtering features. Using this module, the products can be filtered based on their names, manufacturers, categories, features and price range. User can easily derive the list of products through their refined search inputs. Since this module uses AJAX interface, the filtered results will be displayed immediately in the left panel of your website. Depending on the configuration made by admin, the search filter blocks can be positioned between left and right hooks of the website. The astounding feature of this module is its compatibility with the latest version of PrestaShop 1.5.


  • Product Search & Filter module can be easily installed and configured.

  • Flexible administrative configuration panel. Admin can configure what user can use to search or filter products.

  • Products can be filtered by Product name alphabets (for ex: A ? list products with names starting from A)

  • Products can be filtered by product name alphabet range filters (for ex: A ? F ? lists products with names starting with alphabets between A and F)

  • Products can be filtered by Manufacturers

  • Products can be filtered by Product Categories,

  • Products can be filtered by price range as user input the range between minimum price and maximum price

  • Products can also be filtered by product features using the product attributes. For ex: Filter iPod products by features ? color (Green, Blue, Black, Metal), memory size (2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB) etc.,

  • Products can also be filtered by pre?defined price range as configured by administrator

  • The module uses the AJAX technology to list the products in search result as they are clicked at filter box.

  • Admin configuration for filter block position either left or right

  • Admin configuration for display Search box by keyword in Filter block

  • Admin configuration facility for No. of products to be displayed in search results

  • Admin configuration for display no. of results per page block and for given search text

  • Admin configuration facility for default Sort order in search results. It can be either one of the following, Product Name Ascending, Product Name Descending, Product Price Ascending, Product Price Descending, Product New.

Click Here to view Demo Video of the Module

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