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PrestaShop Visitor Counter

PrestaShop Visitor Counter for Visitors analysing in your Store

Do you know that how many people visit your store daily? Most probably the answer will be No. Because some store owners think it is a waste of time, some store owners never know how to count the visitors who visiting their site, and some store owners never know the benefits which coming from knowing the visitor counts. Without spending more time and money you can easily find the counts of the visitors in your store with the help of the PrestaShop Extension. In this article we are going to see about the PrestaShop visitor counter extension which is exclusively designed to count the visitors in your PrestaShop eCommerce store.

PrestaShop – An award winning eCommerce shopping cart platform

  • PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce software that provides the flexible admin panel to the merchants.
  • It built more than 150,000 eCommerce sites in the eCommerce business industry.
  • PrestaShop has more than 310 dynamic features, templates, modules, etc.
  • It is easily integrated with many payment gateways to make PrestaShop payments very flexible and secure.
  • It combines with many shipping carriers to provide the best shipping process to the customers and the merchants.
  • It analyzes the website performances and generates the report.
  • It supports multiple languages, PCI compliance, and multi currencies.
  • It offers the search engine and user friendly website to the merchants.
  • It integrates with many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • The PrestaShop eCommerce store owner can provide its website services to many countries, because PrestaShop is rendered into more than 56 languages.

Analyzing the visitor counts in your PrestaShop store

The Visitor Count Extension one of the best PrestaShop extensions which is used to analyze the counts of the visitors who are visiting your store. This extension provides the information about the number of visitors who visited your store, which means when the visitors enter into your site this extension will automatically analyze them and displays the counts of the visitors on your homepage of the website. You need not to sit and count the number of visitors. It provides the number of registered user information on your site, which means it analyze the users who created an account on your PrestaShop website. It also displays the number of current active users, which means the visitors who are visiting your website at that time.

The PrestaShop Development team developed this extension to bring more customers towards your store. The counts list will appear as a block in left or right column. With the help of this information you can easily come to know that how many visitors like to visit your website, how many visitors really wants to know more details about your product and the services, etc. Without spending more time, you can easily find all these things. It will be more useful for you to know what the visitors expecting from your store. So that you can easily enhance your website based on the visitors’ expectations. This will probably increase the sales of your business and the number of customers.

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