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Pros and Cons of using Python for Web Development

Every coin has two sides. While it is easier to focus on the bright side, it is equally essential to consider the disadvantages associated with better implementation. Python is one of the popular languages, known to have gained a reputation over time. Many big giants have incorporated Python in their app & web development work. 

  • Instagram uses Python because it is a non-complex and user-friendly language that makes it a seamless experience for associated engineers.
  • Spotify is also not behind in the race. The app is using Python for its major back-end developments resulting in a great music streaming experience.
  • Netflix has also discovered the advantages of incorporating Python for recommending TV and movies based on a user’s search history.
  • Amazon, another big giant company utilizing Python, finds it easier to have its database interact with the Python machine learning engine. The end product’s quality is evident when using Amazon.

Having mentioned the above, we would like a moment here to share both the Pros and Cons of using Python for web development.

Pros of using Python for web development:

Easy learning & Visual data representation:

 Python web development’s learning curve is similar to learning an ordinary language. The syntaxes are not complex but clear and easily readable. The simplicity of the language allows more engineers to be interested in learning Python and not become hopeless instead.

Python also ensures effective representation of visual data such as charts & graphs when using Python language for web development. This allows companies to generate clear reports and get better insights on the work progress.

Asynchronous coding: 

Asynchronous coding uses a single event loop to finish a task in small units. This leaves no room for any confusion in deadlocks. Hence, the solving speed of a problem is much higher using Python.

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Complements ML & AI:

 In this era, when the world is embracing the application of disruptive technologies such as Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence on a regular basis, it gets critical to work with a supportive language. Given the versatile nature of the Python language, data analysis is also simpler.

Cons of using Python for web development-

Lack of Subject matter experts:

Unlike Java, there are lesser experienced Python developers to do either an app or web development. There is a low supply of skilled developers as compared to the high demand in the industry. No matter how great a language is, with no experts comes no Python implementation in web development.

A big no for mobile applications:

Python is considered a weak language for mobile applications since the lack of interaction with the mobile operating system components. It is equally difficult to find experienced developers in Python mobile development.

Low-Speed Development:

The Python is criticized for its low speed. Because Python is an interpreted language, it faces certain speed limitations.  Some programmers have, however, found a way to implement Python in web development.


If we look at the big tech giant companies utilizing Python for their major work, it seems the right choice. However, one should not just fall into a company’s footsteps only if it is one of the top runners. Python still tops the chart of being one of the popular languages, and its seamless experience drives us closer to the implementation of one’s own website.

We suggest you take a further closer view of both the advantages & disadvantages of using Python for your app or web development. To find a suitable programmer also plays a significant role in choosing a language over another. Maybe, start with that!

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