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Role Of Python Development In Miro Community

This article contains the information about the role of the Python development in Miro Community.

Python Development – A high-level Programming Language

Python is an interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented language, which is created by Guido van Rossum. According to the Popularity of Programming Language (PYPL) index, Python is the second most popular programming language in the US. The Python Development team has written many applications using the Python language. It is cross-platform, as it runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS X. The Python codes are more powerful, fast, and readable. Python can be easily integrated with .COM, .NET, and .CORBA objects. Python is very friendly and easy to learn. It has the clear and the readable syntax. Java, C, ObjC, and FORTRAN can be easily combined with the Python. Python is used in many application development, especially in Web application development. It is also used in a wide range of non-scripting contexts.

Miro Community – An online video CMS

Miro Community is essentially a hosted CMS for online video websites with an emphasis on feed aggregation and interaction with viewers. It can embed and display videos already on the internet. It offers an easy way for you to collect and curate videos, and display them elegantly. You can search within the Miro Community for videos you have collected, and as an administrator, you can search through Miro Community for videos with relevant keywords on popular video host sites. It is the easiest way to make a video website. The setup is very easy, beautiful, and fast. It collects the videos from YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes U, Blip or self-hosted sites for a one-stop video experience. It has the ability to manage more than 10,000 videos in a simple way. Miro Community is a video hosting site which reduces the work to make a video page.

Python Development in Miro Community

The Miro Community can able to run on any server as it was written in Python using the Django framework. The Python Miro Community is an index of Python-related videos on the Internet. For the most part, it is a collection of Python video resources, including presentations from PyCon and user groups, put together by Miro. The collection includes the metadata for the videos to make them searchable and more useful to people. The site currently holds around 550 videos, covering a wide variety of Python-related topics. The Python Miro Community provides these videos in order to help the users to know more about the Python in an easy way. It offers the elegant and the powerful videos to present the best experience. The Miro Community can be easily integrated with many social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to escalate the Python into a higher level. These videos are widely used for the Python development.

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