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Is SAP Hybris Commerce the Immeasurable Thing Yet To Hit the E-Commerce Market?

Industries that rely massively on technology but require to pay equal “personal” observation to the most important “human aspect” of the business – its customers – are more likely to be hit by missing out on technology upgrades. Those of us in SAP Hybris Commerce – one of the industries that fall into the above category – are deemed to be at the highest risk if we ignore technology updates. It is pretty tough to envision going out of business, so let me get down to some good news for all of us e-commerce entrepreneurs and businesses out there.

Optimizing the customer experience with SAP Hybris Commerce 6.2

SAP Hybris Commerce 6.2 is the name given to the latest version of the very popular SAP Hybris Commerce platform. This latest upgrade improves some of the key commerce characteristics of Hybris Commerce further to optimize the customer experience, provide efficient self-service tools and a highly targeted experience for customers,and enable quick and convenient customer service on the spot. However, business users get improved tools to get a 360°-view of customers. This provides personalized support and browsing experiences and improve fulfillment processes with a single view of the global stock.

Let’s take a look at the new features it ushers into our world:

  • 360°-Customer view providing customer support agents with more complete and personalized information on a customer
  • Customer self-service tools for Order Management improving customer experience and convenience
  • SAP Hybris Customer Experience Profile-driven Personalization and SmartEdit enhancements to bring about extraordinary experiences
  • Increased operational awareness in the data hub for better trace processing, metrics, and also logging
  • Consignment tracking for the China Accelerator allowing customers to access real-time order tracking information
  • SmartEdit for Customer Experience
  • SmartEdit is a comparatively new SAP Hybris Commerce Module addresses the release 6.0.  The module provides a tool for managing web content in addition to the WCMS cockpit. Business users can now benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly way for creating and maintaining pages and also components.

The following features are new to SmartEdit in SAP Hybris Commerce 6.2:

  • Assistance for the SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2B
  • Viewing and editing of page metadata
  • Creation of goods and category pages
  • Addition limitations to pages
  • Navigation management to assist navigation components
  • Maintenance of navigation components: Category Navigation, Account Navigation, and also Footer Navigation
  • Amendments to drag and drop

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Inclusion of SmartEdit in additional installation recipes

  • SAP Back-End Integration: SAP CRM
  • SAP CRM back-end integration allows you to leverage SAP CRM functionality for use with SAP Hybris Commerce. In addition to CRM-specific features such as service contracts, service requests, service order, product registration, return order integration, and the Interaction Center,
  • SAP CRM integration enables similar order management scenarios as SAP ERP integration.

The following features are unusual in this release:

  • Replication of business agreements
  • Return order enhancements for B2B orders
  • Complaints management from Hybris storefront
  • Invoice generation from SAP CRM
  • Service contract enhancements
  • Service ticket enhancements

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