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Tips for Repairing Your Company’s Online Reputation

Reputation management involves shaping the public’s perception of a person, place or entity. Reputation management attempts to put out viable and reliable information about a company or person. It is often called ORM (Online Reputation Management).

Why Does Online Reputation Matter?

We live in a world where people believe what they want to believe. Do you know that 90% of your customers check out reviews before they make a purchase? You have the chance to shape the perception of your company. Companies have the chance to shape public perception through online marketing.

Your job is to convince customers to buy your products or services. Your goal is to rise above what others are saying and spread positive words about your company. One bad review will cause you to lose 90% of your customer base and only retain the other 10. That may not seem like much, but it will add up over time.

How Can Your SEO Company Do That Successfully?

1) The first thing you need to do is implement search engine optimization. SEO helps your company keywords rank high in the search engine results with the aid of the right keywords.

The more beneficial and honest your content is, the further you will push the negative feedback down the page. It is important to note that most users do not look past the first page of results. That means that once your negative feedback gets pushed to the third or fourth page, then you can breathe a sigh of relief.

2) You can ask Google to remove a site. Sometimes it is challenging. Do you believe the information is defaming and inappropriate? You can contact Google and ask them to look into it. You may need to check out their page on removal policies. Some pages may not be able to be removed, but you can try it. It is part of their performance SEO services.

A word of advice: You will need to contact the webmaster and site which contains the information. You will need to get the site to take it down too. Google may have removed it, but it still might be out there on the web.

3) Get on Facebook. Create your own business page and introduce customers to it. It is an easy way to keep in touch with your customers. You can respond to people right away about their complaints or questions. The sooner you respond to a complaint, the sooner you will defuse the situation.

Facebook reviews show up a lot in Google searches. What happens when you get a negative comment on Facebook? Do not panic. Work to fix the problem and the issue may take care of itself.

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Love Will Always Win

Positivity still counts on social media, in spite of cesspool of trolls leaving negative comments.

4) Are you using a Google My Business Listing? You should start. You will receive some negative feedback on here at times. The important thing is to stay positive and respond to your customers in a timely manner. You will not be able to convince every person, but you will be able to convince some.

5) Are you using a Yelp Listing because you may want to start. Yelp is a lot like Google and Facebook. Claim your page and start responding to people. Chances are some have already left you one. Your response will show your customers you care.

6) Do you have a Google alert setup? You know how you get those alerts on your phone when new information is available? Google business alerts work the same way. However, Google alerts helps you take control and defuse any bad situation before it happens. That will go a long way to securing your position of trust with your customers.

Your Online reputation depends on it!”

7) Take matters into your own hands. You can encourage your customers to leave positive feedback on their own. Change the odds and make it work in your favor.


You are the only one who can keep track of your company’s success. Did you know that people are more inclined to leave a bad review before they leave a good one? You can change the odds. Online reputation management is the key to your success.

“Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today!”

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