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7 Types of Apps That Can Be Developed with Python

Python is getting more popular day by day as a programming language. The reason for it being used by many proficient developers worldwide is the support libraries present in the language. The main advantage of using Python is that it is a code-independent platform. The language can easily adapt to any platform; thus, when it comes to app development, very few people are aware that Python can be easily used to build mobile apps.

What Are the Supportive Frameworks used by Python? 

The Python development company has many frameworks that are used for customization and coding. These frameworks help develop games, apps, educational programs, and other software, helping in easy, faster processing.

Below we have mentioned some of the supportive frameworks used by Python:

  • Cherry Py
  • Flask
  • Django
  • Pyramid
  • Turbogears
  • Pylons
  • Web2py

Different Types of Apps That Can Be Built Using Python Framework:

1.       BlockChain Applications:

One of the hottest trends in technology is Blockchain. This particular technology has made a place for itself in the market and is backed by Python. The support frameworks like Flask help users interact with the Blockchain over the internet and thus create endpoints for distinctive functions that can be run on multiple machines.

2.       Command-line applications:

The command-line applications are also known as console applications. Python is mainly used for the development of console applications as it enables the developers to evaluate the language easily and identify new possibilities.

3.       Game Development Applications:

The Python development company has a lot of things in store for the users. We all know that Python as a language is used in various applications, but it is also true that it is also used in game development. 

One of the prime reasons for this is that Python can be used in real-time applications that can be further used for designing a different variety of games.

4.       Audio and Video Applications:

Python also helps in assisting developers in both audio and video applications. The language has libraries like Pydub and OpenCV, which helps in the successful completion of app development. 

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5.       System Administrator Application:

We know how tedious system administration can get; hence Python is regarded as one of the top-billed apps today for the development of the applications and scripts that automate tedious system administration tasks.

6.       Machine Learning Application:

Python libraries are blessed with Panda and Scikit libraries, which are used to analyze and manipulate data that is to be fed to the machines.

7.       Business Applications:

Python supports practical agility to assist developers in creating eCommerce and various ERP applications. 

What are the Use Case References?

  • Python is used for various image processing and object detections. Due to this capability of the language, developers use it for computer vision capabilities.
  • Python, when integrated with Selenium, can be used for automation testing. The tools developed through the language are used to deploy them into production easily.
  • There are many popular applications today which are built using Python. Out of them, Instagram, Uber, Reddit, and Dropbox are Prime.


The main reason why people use programming languages is that they are easy to understand, fast, and very flexible to implement. Out of many programming languages used today, Python has become one of the best choices for users due to its versatility. Blame it on the numerous libraries or the language’s ability to get deployed into various types of applications, Python has stood out in all spheres. Due to this adaptability, many big conglomerates like Google have made Python one of its main languages.

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