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Advantages Of Internal Link Building


Links help you to reinforce your site and makes it easier for the search engine spiders to index your pages. Further, increase the relevancy of the content between your pages through internal linking.

Link building is not all about building backlinks. If you are new to Link building, this article would help you to learn more about. Let us see different terms used in Link Building.


A link or hyperlink is a text that, when clicked upon, takes you from one web page to another page.

Inbound links and Out-bound links:

Internal links or inbound links are links from other websites linking back to your site. You can get these links through Keredari – Link Directory and link exchanges.

Outbound or External links are links from your website to other websites.

Wherever possible, ensure the backlinks to your site that are relevant to the topic with the relevant keyword as anchor text for a contextual link.

Reciprocal Links:

Reciprocal links are basically a link Blog Directory between two websites. It can improve the search engine results but can result in penalization and link deflation by search engines as people have maliciously implemented link exchanges, purely to manipulate their listings. Usually, it involves irrelevant sites in bad IP neighborhoods.

Link Compliancy:

  • All our links need to be in compliance with search engine standards. This means
  • There should be no malicious hidden links,
  • There should be no keyword stuffing or
  • There should be no automatic pop-ups which could hinder a user’s experience on your website and
  • It should not be seen as Black hat SEO.

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Google is known for its SEM. Hence, plan for linking on an advertising basis and mark as a ‘no follow’. This action should not cause you an issue. However, once you exchange link for money to manipulate search engine rankings, that is compliance breach and is liable for penalties.

Get your work done easier! Check your Link Compliancy!

Link Spamming:

Link spamming is the practice of setting up domains purely to embed as many links as possible. Google will penalize or even ban a website for this as it considers link spamming as a black hat SEO technique. Some less reputable SEO companies will employ techniques like this without the client’s knowledge or consent, which can be disastrous for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Three-way Link Exchange:

Interestingly, a three-way link exchange refers to a type of reciprocal link exchange for Blogs Directory amid three domains instead of two. Today’s webmasters much appreciate a reciprocal link exchange which is mostly a two-way linking. Three-way link exchange is useful if your site doesn’t want to provide more outbound links in your link/resource page.

Finally, by implementing this 3 ways link exchange you can get the following good results in your websites

  • Higher page rank
  • More traffic
  • Better website rank in the search engine

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