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First Data GGe4 payment for OpenCart eCommerce

Everyday thousands of people providing their credit card information in the online shopping site during the checkout process. But they do not have the awareness about the fraud activities, they just believe the shopping site and provided their personal information. So, it is essential for the shop owner to provide them a secured payment gateway. The OpenCart eCommerce provides a safe and secure payment processing to the customers. OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system.

A robust e-commerce solution for internet merchants with the ability to create their own online business and participate in eCommerce at a minimal cost. OpenCart eCommerce is designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface. It also accommodates over 20 payment methods and eight methods of shipping your products.

First Data GGe4

The First Data Global Gateway e4 is one of the best payment gateway in the world. It offers advanced payment functionality when integrated with any eCommerce platform. It processing the online payment each and every second of every day. It accepts the credit cards, debit cards and electronic payments.

The First data GGe4 helps the merchants to build a smarter, safer, and more effective payment strategy. It provides a stronger customer loyalty and business growth. It helps you to show the companies’ technical connections work well and are managed effectively. It is a web-based and user friendly interface payment gateway. It provides complete control options to you.

What are the benefits of using First Data GGe4?

  • Will accept credit card and debit card payments or alternative payments.
  • Will support Multi language option.
  • Can have Fraud controls system.
  • Can have PCI Compliance option.
  • Can have Gift card processing option.
  • Will provide Online and email receipts.
  • Supports International payment processing.
  • Provides Recurring payments.
  • Provides Layered security systems.
  • Provides Real-time reporting capabilities.

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OpenCart First Data GGe4 Module

First Data GGe4 integrates with the OpenCart eCommerce Software and enables buyers to use First Data GGe4 payment module to complete the transaction, where the customer is given with an easy payment solution and fast option to get the refund.

The module facilitates the merchant to capture and refund the payments from the customer for any transaction happened using First Data GGe4 payment module as a vision of providing high value to their customers. It allows you to monitor, report and administer payment activity, as per your business requirements. The module is compatible with OpenCart v1.5.3.1 version.

This OpenCart module provides seamless checkout experience to the customers without worrying about PCI compliance. During the checkout process, the first data allows the customer to stay on the shopping site for the entire payment processing. It process the payment in a secure way. So that the customer can feel the seamless checkout experience.

The administrator or the merchants can manage the payments using their admin panel, the transaction happened will be monitored using this admin panel where the transaction method will be configured, the capture and refund option will have the major actions for each type of payments.

The OpenCart Payment Module collects all the credit card details and send it to the merchant account directly. The module allows you to select the transaction method of ‘sale’ or ‘Authorize only’. The administrator can easily capture and refund the transaction. The administrator will have every transactions updated on First data Control Panel. The user can complete the order by using credit card details on the website itself. It is easy to install. You can attract more customers and increase the customer confidence about your site.

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