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How to Get your Site Ready for Christmas?

Christmas is one of the happiest seasons of our life. It gives loving memories to all of us. This is a great season for all people. Do you know why? Yes, it is a perfect time to purchase apparel, toys, electronic products, and many more. Most of the merchants give more discounts on this season. Hence, people show more interest to buy more products during this festive season.

Is your eCommerce site ready for Christmas? If not means, you are losing more profit. Anyways, it’s not too much late. Make Christmas feel in your PrestaShop site and encourage visitors to increase your business sales. Do you think that this is so early to make your site ready for Christmas? Absolutely not.

“A third of 2013 Christmas shopping started before September.” – The Christmas Shopping survey – Tribes Research.

Last year, the UK enjoyed a fantastic 16% year on year growth in eCommerce, which in monetary figures equates to £91 billion spent online; a figure that no business can afford to miss out on.  And as we’re talking about Christmas, a whopping £11 billion of that was spent by Britons online in December for that year.  December 2012 saw £9 billion being processed via eCommerce, so with a £2 billion growth last year, it makes sense to think that 2014 will also see a rise in online spending.

Tips to Make your Site is Ready for Christmas

Change your website look: Most of the online users visit the website which is very attractive and elegant. Make a stunning website by using a rich Christmas theme, ads, banners, and cards. Design your website with these small things and ensure your site performs well through the Christmas season. Small changes can help you to easily grasp many online users’ attention to your site.

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Optimize your website with seasonal key phrases: Do you think that displaying Christmas products on your site is enough to sell your products? Absolutely not. You should compile a list of key phrases that your target market audience is likely to be searching for. Use the Keyword Planner to find keywords around your category, product type or product. Keywords help online users to easily reach your site.

Integrate your site with social media: Use social media sites as the gateway for your website to attract millions of social users. Plenty of ways are available to promote your products or services through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more. Allow your customers to share, like, and add a comment on your product or services to get discounts and offers. This will engage more customers and promote your products in an effective manner.

Content: Most of the potential customers wish to visit a website which is informative and updated. By using the latest and attractive content about Christmas and the offers which you are going to give your customers will able to capture many online users attention towards your site. This not only gives the search engines time to crawl your site and list your seasonal changes but also indicates to your visitors that they have come to the right place and their search hasn’t been in vain.

Increase the sales of your business by making your site more attractive with the help of the above points. There are many modules available on the Internet which are used to change the look of the website. Choose a perfect module based on your business requirement and enhance the performance of your site in this competitive business world.

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