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The Importance of The Press Release

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A press release is a piece of newsworthy content to be distributed to the press by a digital marketing company, for further exposure of a business, event, brand, feature, and essentially anything interesting enough to capture readers and, therefore, garner more attention for whatever the press release in question is about. Press releases are typically syndicated to news sites and sources who, then, share the article as it was written or create an entirely new story around the press release. When news sources cover a press release, the business or website who originally produced it receives a lot of attention, not to mention potentially high-authority links from possibly respectable and well-known news sites. This is great for online reputation management.

Although many of the links typically associated with press releases are “no-follow links,” which do little more than attempt to draw more readers to the press release, the types of links commonly procured by a press release can benefit businesses and websites significantly, nonetheless. Base links distinguish a press release, with diversity, from actual websites. Once a press release is picked up by a reputable news source or highly authoritative website. When a press release starts getting coverage and links from higher quality sites, its authority and quality will increase according to Google’s ranking algorithms. This, of course, helps grow brands and businesses.

SEO services are concerned with the diversity of links due to Penguin and the many penalties associated with it. Anchor text has a lot to do with keeping an acceptable level of diversity within link building campaigns in order to avoid any penalties. To prevent being penalized, 99% of anchor text should appear natural, either as a naked URL or simple brand anchor. It allow for hundreds of natural anchor text links to diversify linking campaign efforts. When other links are built, such as guest posting links, the proprietor of the business or website will not have to keep up with as many anchor text links, when a press release is diversified.

Press releases are, furthermore, excellent means of reporting on behalf of clients. Even one high-quality press release can dip a client’s fingers into many proverbial pies, such as respected publications and news sites like Reddit, CNN, or NBC News. Many press releases rank extremely well in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), and, sometimes, immediately.

In conclusion, when ordering a written press release, there are a few final pieces of advice to keep in mind. First of all, every website should include at least one press release, especially as one of the site’s foundation links used to actually start the website. Second, press releases should be ordered with exclusive naked or brand anchor text links, in order to avoid any penalties on behalf of Penguin. Finally, a press release should include up to three links to either non-competitive, high-authority sites, or property associated with the site or business which it will cover. YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages are perfect for linking to press releases.

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