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Ways Your eCommerce Website Can Take an Advantage of the Upcoming Holidays

The holiday season is drawing near and the big dates are getting closer. So what are you doing about it? If you want this year’s holidays to rock for you, then you have to start preparing for it right now! With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Cyber Monday and other holidays, it is high time that you amp up your eCommerce website.

According to a report filed by the National Retail Federation, holiday sales have been increasing by around 3.5% every year. So, keeping this in mind, it suggests that you follow these ways to improve your eCommerce website and earn massive revenues come this holiday season.

eCommerce Website – Foresee When Your Customer Will Shop

While you get ready for the holiday season sale race, it is important that you also refer to the analytics of your eCommerce website to gauge which holidays are the busiest over the years. For example, if you ask any retailer regarding the busiest holiday, they will say Cyber Monday. According to ComScore, a 30% increment in sales identified on Cyber Monday and the total sales were $1.5 billion.

Prepare for a Plethora of Online Shoppers

Your Cyber Monday sales can be an influx of online customers slows down your eCommerce website. To counter this, it is absolutely essential that your site is in perfect working order so there are no problems with loading or crashing.

Create Trendy, Informative and Fun Holiday Content for Your Website

Although optimizing your website’s content will not have a major effect on sales, you can still establish your authority over your products and services by providing your customers creative content which helps them pick out the best items to purchase.

Optimize Your Checkout

Do not underestimate this point. There are many eCommerce website that suffer losses on the checkout page. Now, there can be two problems with a checkout page: it either does not function as it should or the shipping costs are high. You should know that offers for free shipping can earn you dividends, but it is also necessary that you optimize your checkout page and you can do that by adding related products, something that Amazon.com has mastered.

Use Mobile Responsive Websites

People today, instead of physically going to stores, shop using their smartphone and tablets and this has become the norm. If you wish to increase you sales this year, it is imperative that you amp up your mobile website. If you don’t have one, get one.


According to statistics provided by E-Marketer, it has been forecasted that this year online mobile sales could account for 16%, which amounts to $41.68 billion. All in all, if you wish to compete with your rivals on an equal footing this year.  It is important that you equip yourself with a proper and functioning eCommerce website.

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