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WooCommerce Shipping Carrier Access Point for Your WordPress Store

Nowadays, people are very busy with works and have schedules during their weekends. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of online shopping. But, the concern of the shoppers is about the delivery of the goods; what if the shoppers are not in the place at the time of delivery? The solution for this condition is offered by the WooCommerce Shipping Carrier Access Point Module.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce Shopping Cart presents a great set of marketing and SEO tools. It provides various useful extensions that are user-friendly and also easily customizable. Helps you to manage the whole store from a single login and consists many add-ons with features like shipping, payments, inventory, marketing and reporting. Also, It provides all the required features to effectively run any online store. Hence, WooCommerce is the best choice for the WordPress users seeking many features to make the website more functional.

About WordPress

WordPress is an open source tool and a content management system (CMS) which is highly customizable, easy to use, and complies with the web standards. As many valuable WordPress Plugins are available, this tool gains rapid popularity in the eCommerce market. Each plugin represents with rich features that improve your website standard and help you to tremendously increase your online business profit. The plugins can be chosen based on the business requirements. Thus makes for an effective and efficient improvement of the website performance and fulfills the business requirements.

About WooCommerce Shipping Carrier Access Point

With this Shipping Carrier Access Point extension customers provides the facility to choose the nearest delivery location. The customer has to specify the address and search for a convenient access point location to collect his or her product. Based on post code of the address the Shipping Carrier access point network provides the list of access points that are close to that pin code via Google map. Shop name, Shop image, Shop timings, address and distance information will be displayed for the complete understanding of the customer. Therefore, the customers can select their convenient access point and receive their package from that Shipping location.

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Benefits of WooCommerce Shipping Carrier Access Point extension

  • Customers need not worry about not being at the place during the delivery of product
  • Easily accessible delivery point location within the neighborhood
  • Notifies the customers that their package has arrived at the store and is ready for collection
  • Proof of identity should be provided while claiming the product in order to prevent fraudulent activities
  • In addition to the above benefits, there is another facility where your friend or a neighbour can collect your package in your absence, by providing your photo identity along with his or her photo ID. The Shipping Carrier access point will record the signature and proof ID for security purpose and for future reference.

Features for retailers

  • The site admin will have the option to enable/disable the Shipping Carrier Access point module
  • Retailers can hand-pick access points based on location and layout
  • By integrating A CRON job, the customer manifest information uploads to the Shipping Carrier on a daily basis
  • Makes your online store more desirable and also favorable thus promoting optimum sales

To summarize, this WordPress Shipping Carrier plugin is definitely a blessing bestowed on online store retailers. It helps in improving the customer experience by providing merchants the convenience to offer efficient and customer friendly deliveries.

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